Kenyan Hive - Top Bar Hive

Queen Bee -  Annette

Horizontal top-bar hive. A top-bar hive is a single-story frameless beehive in which the comb hangs from removable bars. The bars form a continuous roof over the comb, whereas the frames in most current hives allow space for bees to move up or down between boxes.

A new queen in 2020 with new bees

You will notice I keep straps on my hives. Deer, bears and some smaller but strong animals could knock them over. This would not be good for them our for the bees!

Lanstroth Hive

Queen Bee - Bitzy

Langstroth hives on pallets. The Langstroth bee hive, patented in October 1852, is the standard beehive used in many parts of the world for beekeeping. The advantage of this hive is that the bees build honeycomb into frames, which can be moved with ease.

A new queen in 2020 with new bees.

Can you find Queen "Bitzy" she is in the middle. Larger and darker than the others..."Hail to the Queen!"

Lanstroth Hive

Queen Bee - Courtney

This is my oldest Queen and family of bees. on  Although the worker bees, "Girls" and the non-worker bees, "boys" only live for about 3 months during the season and 5-6 months over the winter, the Queen can live up to 5 years. She is still producing young and leads a strong hive!


Notice that the come is a darker color. This honey comb is only and well  loved by the bees. They also cap off the honey with a multi-color wax. Yellow and black.

These images also show pollen! Yellow, orange and golden. notice the  one image just two bees in a field of pollen.